Walking “the Walk”

A Vision India pastor was was attacked by a mob of radical Hindus just a few kilometers from his home in Takabali this past July. He was left, sprawled on the road, with a broken leg. This was not the first time this leg had been broken. During the persecution in 2008, this pastor’s home in Padhanpada, was destroyed along with his belongings. The villagers beat him and the village leaders refused to allow him to re-build on his property. He moved his family to a village eight kilometers away, but daily he walked to his former village to minister to the people. It was during one of these treks that he was attacked and his leg was first broken when he was jumped by angry Hindus. The surgery needed to restore his leg was provided through the Vision India emergency fund. Prayers for healing went up and he made a quick recovery. Now that his leg has been broken a second time, he is, currently, unable to walk and in great pain This pastor covets prayers of recovery and safety for his family. He is eager to once again walk “the walk” and share the good news with those who have never heard.

Homes On Fire For Jesus Christ

A single room thatched hut, the home of a Vision India pastor in the Gajapati district, was burnt to the ground on the morning of July 6th by Hindu extremists. All of their earthly belongings were destroyed. The pastor and his wife were ministering in a nearby village at the time of the raid. Four other huts in the district were also set fire and destroyed – all homes of fellow believers. There is no report of any physical harm. Neighbors who witnessed the crimes were restrained by fear to intervene. Our Indian brothers and sisters are now living in the ruble of what were their homes. Still, they continue taking care of their fellow believers and teaching the Word of God daily. Vision India has provided clothing and immediate personal needs, but would like to help them re-build. The materials to rebuild a hut and provide basic items (cooking utensils and blankets) will cost approximately $600.