House of Hope

Asha ra Ghara (House of Hope in Oryia)

In December 2005, Vision India started an orphanage to provide a home for Indian children, who through the loss of both parents, have been relegated to the streets to beg, be exploited by child labor, or be sold into the illicit sex trade. Already, fifty children are being loved and cared for at the House of Hope.

These boys and girls have been rescued from lives of poverty and hopelessness. They now have shelter, food, clothing and basic medical care in a safe, clean environment. They are experiencing healing of their bodies and spirits. They are being loved by teachers and workers who model Christian living. And most importantly, they are learning about the one true God and His son Jesus who loves them and has a plan for their lives.

By sending a gift of $25 each month, child sponsors assist in providing for the physical, social and spiritual development of the sponsored child. You will receive a photograph and information about your child as well as an update on the child at least once a year.

There are still a number of children lacking sponsors at the House of Hope.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here for more information.