India: Hinduism On The Rise, Increasing Persecution Of Christians As Elections Near


Pastor-Hemachandra-Hebal-and-wife-ElizabethHinduism in India is experiencing a rival and, as a result, persecution of Christians is increasing. Religious leaders are watching the situation closely as elections are scheduled for April.

India sees a rise of religious discrimination as election nears. Pastor Hemachandra Hebal and wife Elizabeth were attacked and beaten in 2013.

Todd Nettleton, a spokesman with the Voice of the Martyrs USA, agrees, especially with election season under full swing. “Elections are a time, obviously, when emotions are running high, particularly with some of the Hindu nationalist ideology that is espoused by some of the parties involved. It CAN be a time where we see increased persecution, not only for Christians, but for Muslims and for other religious minorities in India, as well.”

Attacks on the religious minorities in India have been increasing over the last several years, unnoticed by the mainstream press. Local authorities are not only helping, but partnering with these religious extremists.

For example, in October a Christian pastor and wife were attacked, beaten and then forced by police (not their attackers) to stop preaching the gospel. Check out that story HERE

“Anti-conversion laws” have been adopted in five states and are frequently used as a pretext to disrupt church services and harass Christians.

The Election Commission of India announced that the vote will begin on April 7 and continue on nine separate dates until May 12, with results expected to be announced on May 16. By virtue of the size of India and its population, the vote will be the world’s largest, with 814 million eligible voters set to choose 543 members of the lower house of Parliament, possibly making this vote the most consequential since 1977.

The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) enjoys a lead in the popular opinion polls, some analysts think no party is expected to win an outright majority in Parliament.

Nettleton says, “The election of the BJP, which holds to sort of a ‘Hindu-only’ ideology for India, would be a bad signal for our Christian brothers and sisters there. They are very concerned about what a [Narendra] Modi government would do, what policies they would put in place with regard to religious freedom.”