August 19 – India Protesters Push For Change

India (MNN) — Recent protests in India brought the question of whether or not the country could risk facing its own “Arab Spring.” Dave Stravers with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India says, “India is fed up with governmental corruption and injustice. They’re demanding a new standard of accountability and a new standard for actions from government officials.” While there are some parallels with the Arab Spring, Stravers thinks that India’s diversity will take it a different direction. “There have been non-violent protests, demonstrations at government buildings. I think this is actually good news. I attribute this, partly at least, to the success that the Gospel has had in the last 10-15 years in India.” The message of the Gospel brings hope, and hope brings change. “When people learn that there’s a God who loves them, that they’re human beings, and that they have potential, then there’s a whole change, a kind of a transformation in attitude.”